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Measurement and budget of projects

Measurement and budget of building projects. …[+]

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Construction management or rehabilitation management. …[+]

Housing reforms

Projects of housing reforms. …[+]

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Concurso fábrica Clesa Alejandro de la Sota Madrid
Sección fabrica Clesa Madrid

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BIM modeling

BIM modeling of buildings …[+]

Drawing of building plans

Drawing of construction drawings in two dimensions delivered in PDF, DWG or DXF format …[+]

3d modeling

Computer modeling in three dimensions of an architectural project …[+]

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Concurso centro cívico Málaga

Cultural center in Málaga

Located on the site occupied by the former Victoria-Astoria cinemas, this proposal is presented to the contest of ideas convened by the City of Malaga to achieve the best architectural proposal for use and economic viability for the complex. This contest was in this sense something peculiar to the architectural discipline since not only the …[+]

Concurso fábrica Clesa Alejandro de la Sota Madrid

Shopping center and offices at the Clesa factory

Rescued from the demolition at the last moment, thanks to the intervention of the Official College of Architects of Madrid, the building of the factory Clesa, of the architect Alejandro de la Sota together with engineer Manuel Ramos, began a new life. After this intervention Metrovacesa, a demolition promoter for the later construction of a …[+]

Concurso viviendas Solvia

Solvia Housing competition

Under the title “Welcome home” Solvia real estate company called a competition to reflect on the future of collective residential building. To this end, the contestants were invited to submit proposals without any type of condition. So much so that not even proposed a site, something perhaps strange in an architectural competition. The proposal is …[+]

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