Joaquín Buil Pellón

Joaquín Buil Pellón is an architect from the School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB) and is a member of the Architects Association of Catalonia (COAC).

For almost 20 years he managed a construction company both at the management and technical management level. He also managed other mercantile companies in the sector at the same time.

He has extensive experience in 3D modeling of buildings, as well as in BIM modeling and rendering.

He has appeared in numerous architectural competitions, some of them exposed on this website.


Degrees and courses

  • Graduate in architecture by ETSAB (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona)
  • Postgraduate in structural rehabilitation (1st edition) – Escola Sert 


Other courses

  • Simple calculations for the structures and foundations project – Escola Sert
  • Project of unidirectional concrete slabs adapted to EHE-08 – Escola Sert 
  • Calculation of structures in rehabilitation: forged (2nd edition) – Escola Sert 
  • Calculation of structures in rehabilitation: foundations, walls and pillars (2nd edition) – Escola Sert
  • Presentation of the “structural concrete instruction – EHE 2008” – Escola Sert 
  • CE2 New energy qualification procedure for residential buildings – Escola Sert 
  • How to avoid acoustic pathologies – Escola Sert 
  • Security in case of fire – Pla drives COAC


Other certifications or qualifications

  • Energy certification test – COAC