Work direction

Rehabilitación cubierta
Rehabilitación estructural

What does the construction management include?

In accordance with the provisions of article 12 of the Law 38/1999 on the Regulation of Building, the construction manager is the agent who, as part of the facultative direction, directs the development of the work in the technical, aesthetic, urbanistic aspects and environmental, in accordance with the project that defines it, the building license and other mandatory authorizations and the conditions of the contract, to ensure its adequacy to the proposed purpose. The construction management can cover both the new work and the rehabilitation of buildings or parts of them.

Who should perform the direction of the work?

The construction management is convenient to be carried out by the architect who drafted the executive project, however if there is an impediment on the part of the aforementioned architect or you just do not want to commission this phase of the project, it is possible that another architect carries out the works management.

Other considerations

Logically to perform this service, there must be a basic and executive project drafted.