BIM modeling

Modelo BIM 3d edificio

What is BIM modeling?

BIM (Building information Modeling) is the process of generating and managing data of a building. This can include not only the building construction project but also the entire life cycle of the building.

How is it achieved?

With the representation of a building by means of constructive objects that have their data associated. The normal thing is 3D representations of such objects that cease to be lines, planes or volumes to become objects with properties.

Is BIM a computer program?

No. BIM is a work system that BIM programs use but it is not a specific computer program.

What does a BIM model contain?

It contains both the geometry and the properties of the objects

What is the final format for data exchange?

The most popular is the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes). It allows the exchange between the different BIM programs used by the different construction agents (architects, engineers, contractor, owners, etc). There are free programs for viewing these files.

How can we help you with the BIM work methodology?

If you need a BIM model of a building we can take care of this service. Well as BIM modelers or as collaborating or associate architects.

How will we proceed?

We will evaluate the available starting data. These can be 2d plans, physical building or simply nothing, because you still have to project the building.
Specify the degree of participation in modeling (only as modelers or as associated planners or collaborators)
Specify the degree of definition of the model, according to the use that will be given. This is determined by LOD (Level of Development)

LOD 100It is the same as the initial phases, as previous studies or preliminary projects
LOD 200Modeling in which the basic geometry is defined. You can extract both useful and constructed surfaces. You can also check the urbanistic parameters. In Spain it is the usual level for the basic project. Architectural objects are defined but not their exact dimensions.
LOD 300In this modeling, the entire architecture of the building is defined. The dimensions of each architectural object are precise and precise measurements can already be extracted
LOD 400Modeling level with additional information, where other disciplines such as structures, facilities, etc. are already incorporated. The project would be defined to obtain offers from the contractors. In Spain it is the equivalent of the executive project. The object is specified for assembly on site.
LOD 500Level of development of the BIM model is very detailed and is designed for use in the life cycle of the building.

Before starting the modeling, we will carry out compatibility tests with the most significant elements to verify that the level of detail, data and the export to IFC are correct.

Modelado BIM 3d urbanización

It is possible to make large volume BIM models as whole neighborhoods. Subsequently you can get plants, elevations and views of each building or several. In the image, a BIM model with so much information that in a global view it appears as black spots. If we approached, we could see all the parts of the building well modeled.

Axonometría seccionada modelo BIM 3d rehabilitación

It is also possible to model an existing building to turn it into a BIM model, with information on each element. For example:

  1. Beams (type of material, resistance, characteristics, etc.)
  2. Windows (type of window, type of glasses, manufacturer, types of fittings, etc)
  3. Spaces (dimensions, maximum occupancy, volume, etc.)
  4. Walls (resistance, characteristics, etc.)

You can save data of any element and then use it in building reports.