Socialcultural center in Reinosa

Concurso centro sociocultural Reinosa

After the fire of the market of supplies of the municipality of Reinosa, located in the autonomous community of Cantabria (Spain), the municipality calls contest to recover the site for a use of socialcultural center.

The project proposes an “L” building for the creation of a new square in front of the building, which can be used by users in summer as an extension of the socialcultural center. Under the square is the parking lot with the places requested by the convening entity according to the regulations. However, the project is configured to propose the extension of the underground parking to the entire site, if necessary. The rest of the building consists of an exhibition hall, a bar-restaurant, workshop rooms, study rooms and reading rooms. All the spaces can work autonomously and simultaneously without interfering with the uses of the rest of the spaces.

The roofs are proposed inclined due to the high rainfall in the area. Porches are also proposed to protect the access to the building from the rain.

The building is designed to adapt to the place, aligning streets to merge with the urban fabric. Likewise, the building is proposed covered with a stone cladding with insulation inside, to avoid thermal bridges of the building.


Estado inicial plaza abastos Reinosa

Image transferred by the organizing entity.


The Object

The object of the project submitted to the contest is the conception of a space for the municipality of Reinosa, which serves as a socialcultural center, on the remains of the old food market. The building is proposed as a meeting place for all the inhabitants of Reinosa, regardless of their age.

It is proposed as a center for the exchange of ideas in which a process of information-training and project of new ideas from different areas takes place.


The building is proposed on the plot in an angular form between the streets of Menéndez Pelayo and Juan José Ruano Street, thus leaving an outer space within the plot, which together with the rest of the existing public space, make up a larger space mode of new square, where you can perform all outdoor activities of the center and thus bring these activities to the population and make them participants of them.

In the conformation of this square, spaces of Reinosa that were previously residual or irrelevant become relevant. The alley that was between the market and the wall of the street of the Sun is now diluted in the square of new creation, disappearing as an alley to become a square. The communication stair between Calle Sol and the aforementioned alley now takes more prominence. Calle del Sol itself becomes a balcony to contemplate the activities that take place outside the social-cultural center.

The proposal of implantation proposes a first place of reception and meeting in the square formed by the building.


The building is composed of three modules, which solve the entire program of needs.

These three modules are the following:

a) parking module (basement)

b) exhibition hall module (ground floor)

c) socialcultural center (ground floor and first floor)

Plano de situación centro sociocultural en Reinosa
Superficies centro sociocultural en Reinosa

Exhibition hall module

The exhibition hall module, located on the ground floor, with access to the lobby. This space is designed for the exhibition of the activities of the center, as a place for games, etc. It also has access to the outer space, for when it is of interest to maintain a relationship with the activities carried out abroad. This access also serves for access from the outside of the materials necessary for the assembly of exhibitions, making this space independent at that time, without hindering the activities of the center.

The exhibition hall also has an adjoining warehouse to store materials necessary for the activities of this room.

This module is composed of a gable roof, with a lattice beam structure, to leave a totally transparent space, adaptable to any type of activity.

The roof is composed of metal plates with skylights running on the sides and on the ridge for, in addition to lighting, create a facade appearance to the roof.

The cover of the exhibition hall extends to the outside to accompany the visitor from the outside to the entrance of the building, in a covered space where in this tour you can already visualize the activities that take place inside the exhibition hall.

Planta baja centro sociocultural en Reinosa
Superficies centro sociocultural en Reinosa

Module of the socialcultural center

This module is properly the nucleus of the socialcultural center. It is divided into two floors. On the first floor we find the lobby that has access to Menéndez Pelayo street as the newly created square. It also has direct access to the underground parking. From the lobby we can access the cafeteria, the exhibition hall and the multi-purpose rooms.

The cafeteria is composed of living room, kitchen, staff changing room and storeroom. The cafeteria has access from outside through a covered space to shelter from the rain, at the beginning of Menéndez Pelayo street. It also has an access for the same street, for the entry of merchandise, making it independent of access to the public. This part of the building can operate autonomously if the center is closed. The room is composed of bar, stools, tables and armchairs, the latter to emphasize the room as another place to exchange ideas in a more relaxed way.

The multipurpose spaces also have access from the lobby. They are of different dimensions to adapt to various types of activities and have an adjacent warehouse, one for each room.

On the upper floor all the classrooms, workshops and co-working spaces are located. As it does not have any plant in the upper part, the structure of the roof is solved with beams in latticework to two waters. As a consequence of the type of structure, we have a totally transparent plant that in the future could accommodate other distributions, change or addition of other activities.

The plant has some armchairs in the lobby for the exchange of ideas in a place outside the classroom.

The workshops in turn have areas with armchairs to deal with issues in a more relaxed way.

At the entrance of Menéndez Pelayo Street, on the corner of Calle Sol, the volume dematerializes on its corner, to vent the narrow entrance to the street. On the other hand, a porch is created that serves as an entrance to the cafeteria. It protects the access of the rain, it enlarges the old alley and, added to the window of the cafeteria, it allows a transparency to the square that helps the visit of the same one. This same transparency can be found in the double entry that also serves as a union between two areas of the municipality.

The facades follow a succession of measured gaps, sometimes broken by some exceptional gap resulting from the dematerialization of the façade, breaking the classic image of a building with a gabled roof.

Planta primera centro sociocultural en Reinosa
Superficies centro sociocultural en Reinosa

Parking module

The parking module, located in the basement under the newly created square, within the plot. It has pedestrian access and rolled in the part with the lowest slope of the plot. It has direct access to the lobby of the socialcultural center. In this module, in addition to the parking functions, the technical room area is also located. This module can work independently of the socialcultural center, when it does not work.

Planta sótano centro sociocultural en Reinosa
Superficies centro sociocultural Reinosa