Lafarge visitor center

Rehabilitación almacen-5 Lafarge

The warehouse-5 located in the Lafarge cement factory, of unknown author, and included in the catalog of industrial heritage of the Iberian DOCOMOMO Foundation, was in a deplorable state. Known by the property, this situation called for a contest of ideas to convert the aforementioned warehouse into a visitor center of the factory.

The proposal as such affects the original preservation of the building for the most part. It is proposed the closing of the entrance through the wall of pavés, to reconstruct the area with these same elements, in order to create a glass box that housed inside the exhibition hall. In the windows of pave a slats are incorporated to sift the sunlight and close them at night to avoid thermal losses.

The entrance is located on one side by means of a metallic piece in the shape of an “L” that covers the access ramp.

Inside, an intermediate floor is proposed to house the classrooms and the conference room. This structure is supported by the huge pillars of the basement, which does not harm the rest of the structure.

Due to the low height of the basement to house large areas, in addition to the problem of evacuation in case of fire, something more difficult than on the ground floor, this plant is proposed to house the sample storage spaces, laboratory , repair area and staff changing rooms. It has an independent access to the rest of the building.

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