Cultural center in Málaga

Concurso centro cívico Málaga

Located on the site occupied by the former Victoria-Astoria cinemas, this proposal is presented to the contest of ideas convened by the City of Malaga to achieve the best architectural proposal for use and economic viability for the complex. This contest was in this sense something peculiar to the architectural discipline since not only the architectural proposal was valued but also the use or uses of the building had to be established. In addition, in order to be able to proceed to the evaluation phase by the jury of the previously described topics, it was necessary to pass previously by another jury composed of economists who had to evaluate the economic viability of the project. To do this, an economic viability report had to be presented, which was to demonstrate the viability of the project, an indispensable condition for moving on to the next phase of the jury.

The building is aligned with the exterior streets to the square as a closure of it. The ground floor is fully glazed to create a transparency between the plaza, the building and the exterior to the plaza. Besides this transparency allows to see from the street the archaeological remains located in the basement.

On the upper floors, spaces dedicated to exhibitions, a library and offices of “La Casa Natal de Picasso”, located in the same square, are proposed. On the top floor there is a panoramic restaurant with views of the Alcazaba and the Plaza de La Merced. It also has gastronomic workshops and the possibility of access to the roof with a use of outside bar.

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