Solvia Housing competition

Concurso viviendas Solvia

Under the title “Welcome home” Solvia real estate company called a competition to reflect on the future of collective residential building. To this end, the contestants were invited to submit proposals without any type of condition. So much so that not even proposed a site, something perhaps strange in an architectural competition.

The proposal is based on a building with three stair cores. One central and two similar for the lateral ones. The proposal can grow, therefore, repeating the central assembly and incorporating the laterals as the building’s finish.

Internal patios are incorporated into the project for the perfect ventilation of the service spaces. The rest of the spaces are ventilated to the exterior of the building. The patios also serve as ventilation and refrigeration of the houses.

The construction is designed in a modular way, so that the pieces of the disassembled structure could be taken to the construction site and assembled on the same site and then raised to the corresponding plant where they would be screwed to the rest of the building. It would also be possible to take the assembled modules from the workshop and lift them on site, if the conditions of transport permitted.

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