Drawing of building plans

Sección levantamiento de planos
Planta edificio

The drawing of plans of buildings, premises or houses consists of the representation of plans of floors, elevations and / or sections that represent the constructed reality.

To proceed with its execution, we must specify the scope of these works to evaluate the necessary documents for their correct representation. In these cases they can be plants and / or elevations and / or sections.

We must also specify the level of detail that we must represent and what elements we will represent according to the purpose of these documents. If we need these documents only to know the surface and distribution of a house for example, it will not be necessary to indicate the passage of drainage channels. However, if we need these plans for further reform, it will be necessary to include this information as well as others.

The detail of the information represented will depend on the final use of the aforementioned documents.

The result can be delivered in paper, PDF or computer file in two dimensions (2D) with DWG, DXF format, etc. (other formats consult)