Housing reforms

Proyecto planta reforma vivienda

The process of intervention in the reform of a house will depend on the scope and scope of it.

The wording of the project will depend on the type of intervention to be carried out. Depending on whether the intervention includes affectation to the partition, for a new distribution or if the intervention includes a repair, consolidation or structural reinforcement or instead it is a union between two dwellings or the segregation between two or more dwellings, the project to be carried out It will be different.

In these cases, it is necessary to study in each case and each municipality how to proceed.

How shall we proceed?

Plano planta rehabilitacion vivienda

We will proceed to evaluate the state of the home and if any structural intervention is necessary or is affected by any pathology that we should repair to include it in the project.

We will make a plan of the current state and of the detected pathologies (if they exist).

We will analyze the possible improvements both acoustically and thermally.

We will analyze your needs and propose an improvement of the spaces both functionally and in relation to the building and the exterior space.

We will analyze the materials most suited to your needs.

With all the analyzes carried out, we will propose a proposal where you can see how your future home will look.

When you are convinced of the proposal, we will start the drafting of the project to obtain the works license. This project will include, among other documents, a state of measurements and a budget separated by work items to have knowledge of the cost of the work. With the state of measurements contractors can present their best offer on the reform of your home always on the same state of measurements, so you can compare between them on the same state of measurements.

If you wish, in the reform you can include the furniture of the whole house so that you only have to take care of going to live.

Although the project is small, it has a complexity not only of constructive and normative construction techniques, but also in the processing of all documentation. When the project is completed you must process the documentation to obtain the municipal license of works, if you wish we can take care of everything. When the work is finished, you may need other services such as a certificate of occupancy, energy certificate, etc. If you wish, we can also take care of these documents and their processing. We will always be at your side to advise you professionally and independently of the other intervening parties, something that does not happen when the reform is entrusted to a company that deals with all design, construction and processing of files.

The architect of the property is a figure that has always existed. He is an independent professional, hired by the client and independent of the rest of the people involved in the work and who will always be on his side.