Socialcultural center in Reinosa

Concurso centro sociocultural Reinosa

Proposal for a new socialcultural center in Reinosa (Spain). This is the project for a building located on the site that occupied the food market destroyed by a fire. The Municipality of Reinosa after the fire of the building called a contest of ideas for the construction of a sociocultural center open to all citizens.

The building is composed in such a way that on one side it is aligned with the adjacent streets to be immersed in the urban fabric and on the other hand it creates an internal square where the interior of the building is related to the exterior.

The building is composed of three floors: a basement and two above ground.

The basement has a parking lot, according to the regulations and requirements of the tender specifications. The specifications demanded the parking projected as maximum and minimum to that indicated by municipal regulations. However, the building has been designed to extend the parking lot to the whole lot.

On the ground floor there is an exhibition room, workshops and cafeteria.

On the first floor are the learning classrooms, reading rooms, library and workshops. All spaces in the building can host activities that can work at the same time without interfering with each other visually or acoustically.

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