Rehabilitation projects

Rehabilitación viga

The process to be carried out in a rehabilitation project will depend on its scope.

If it is a specific intervention, you will need a different procedure than a comprehensive rehabilitation project for the entire building.

Depending on the project, only a technical project may be necessary.

We must also know if the intervention is a restoration, repair, rehabilitation, consolidation or reinforcement according to the results of the previous study.

During the visit we will inform you if it is necessary to implement precautionary measures such as shoring, placement of networks, installation of protections, etc.

We will also inform you of the procedure to be followed during the entire rehabilitation process since it may vary according to each case.

How shall we proceed?

Planos rehabilitación edificio
Planos de rehabilitación edificio
Detalles rehabilitación

Depending on each case, we will proceed in one way or another, but in general, we must first identify whether the intervention is punctual or integral throughout the building.

With all this we will initiate the following phases of our protocol, which among others comprises:

  1. Initial phase of data collection
    1. Historical knowledge of the building and the different interventions practiced over the years
    2. Obtaining the general geometry of the building
    3. Obtaining the specific geometry of the structural elements
    4. Quantification of existing deformations
    5. Knowledge of the actual state of conservation of the different elements
    6. Detection of possible pathologies in materials
    7. Estimation of the real resistance of different materials
    8. Analysis of the status of nearby buildings
    9. Prepare a tasting plan
  2. Results of the process to assess the type of intervention. Evaluation of the type of intervention restoration, repair, rehabilitation, consolidation or reinforcement
  3. Preparation of the intervention project according to the case
  4. Construction management according to the type of intervention